Dear Black Girls by @Favouradesina

I hope you all enjoy this post by my friend Favour.

Dear black girls,

you aren’t what they say you are, you’re more than that.

Even though society mocks you, upholds a standard of beauty that is damn near impossible to achieve,

just know you are beyond magical!

To all of you who are told not to wear bright  lipstick or make-up, because it doesn’t “suit your skin tone”

To all of you that are ignored and excluded from the LGBTQ agendas and movements even though you started it,

To all of you who are victims of rape, or assault, of abuse and maltreatment,

but are too scared to come forward because you know you will not get the justice you deserve.

To all the black girls who have ever tried to wash away your blackness,perceiving it as dirt,whilst trying to bleach your skin and succumb to the fair and pale figures you are deceived to accept as beauty, I’ve been there before, and I’m still trying to escape, but I care about you.

To all the black girls, who get the waves of hate thrown their way as soon as they laugh too loudly,

Who have to straighten their hair every day for work and school so as to avoid stares and criticism of the same people who wear Afros as a Halloween costumes,

Who are the butt and punchline of every joke in media but never get so much as a snicker when they tell a joke in everyday life

Who are overweight and/or tall and their confidence is seen as a joke because “why should a fat/chubby/tall black girl like who she is?”

To all the black women are afraid to talk to or ask a person out, because they don’t know whether or not he/she “dates black girls”.

Whose sexuality and feelings have been stripped away by the darkness of our skin,

who are seen as less feminine because of the intensity of melanin that we possess,

Who are victims of mental illnesses that aren’t taken care of because its a “white person disease”,

I want you to know you are not alone

To all the black girls who feel inferior in the midst of their friends because they are the “darkest one” hereby making them the “least attractive”

Who have to constantly search for their shade of makeup, or shade of nude hosiery

Who don’t have full lips, of big butts,who can’t dance or twerk,

Who are devalued by black men, mocked by black men, and ridiculed to uphold other races

even after fighting for these same men, You are important.

To all the black women whose deaths are told are not worthy to be grieved,

Who’s organizations, businesses, efforts and historical movements never get as much recognition as male ones,

To all the black women whose feminist agendas are often seen as bitter and aggressive,

while white women ones are seen as “revolutionary”,you are all glorious.

To all the black girls that are hyper-sexualized in a world that sees us as less than human,

whilst fetish-sizing our features and culture,

Whose braids, culture and fashion are appropriated by the same people who condemn it,

Whose agendas are only apprehended as the “strong black woman who don’t need no man”,

I want you to know you are every bit of human, and even more than breathtaking.

To all the black females who are told to keep quiet when they are hurt,

to submerge their feelings and pain in the glory of the privileged,

because they were just not seen as human enough to experience them in the first place.

I want you to know that I love you, you are amazing, you are the epitome of beauty,black women.

Because without your talent, your skills, your existence and your aura the earth would lose all true meaning.

You are not crazy to want attention, to want to be recognized or treated equally,

Your very skin tone is the center source of all humanity just as your nappy bountiful Afros are the center source of all that is beautiful. Black girls, you are incredible, in this world that chooses to subject you to such copious hate, you are envied.

You age like fine red wine and your skin is loved by the sun they made your ancestors work under.

So laugh as loud as you want, wear whatever colors of lipstick you want, not just purple,

wear whatever sizes of clothes you want, as long as it makes you happy,

because at the end of the day, black femmes, you are more than what they choose to let you feel,

You are all goddesses that bask in the radiance and strength of all that is righteous and pure,

You are the earths aesthetics that have been personified, I love you all so so much,

There are people who love you all so so much. and just remember, you are magic, you most definitely matter.

                                                                               -Favour Adesina


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