Re Pilot

Hey, my name is Tiffany, I’m a student, somewhere and I enjoy writing a lot of things. I originally made this blog to rant and get things off my mind because 140 characters on Twitter wasn’t enough for me. I still will rant, still get things off my mind, but this is now more about me. This is a re-pilot, a re-introduction.

The first thing I did was to rename my blog, Camminare Con Tiffany is Italian for Walk With Tiffany.

Second, renaming my blog also meant to me recreating my identity, which meant I deleted a lot of my old posts. It’s not like I was ashamed, I might even recreate the exact same thing but I just needed to start fresh in a way, there are two posts that stayed because I feel connected to them.

Well, I hope you like my blog, and the things I’m, or it’s about.

Grazie Mille


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