Oh Wonder Came to Ottawa

October 24th, 2016 I went to see an alternative pop group called Oh Wonder. I recently discovered and fell in love with this group. They have one album which has 13 songs and I have listened to every song. This was my first time of attending a concert in Ottawa and also my first time of attending an alternative pop group concert. I had a lot of fun a lot more fun than I thought I would have.

I went alone for this concert and it felt weird. When I got in some lady had taken my seat cause she wanted to be with her friend. At first, I was like yeah sure why not take the seat I came to listen,  but when I got to the seat, I could barely see. It was in a corner. So I ended being the bad guy. I had to ask them to separate ☹️. My guilt was short lived though because Oh Wonder started performing.

When they came on stage they were so calm, and they kept telling the corniest and cutest jokes. Josephine had the most amazing dress in the world, I’d probably be the happiest person in the world if I found something similar.


My favourite performances by them were Body Gold , Midnight Moon, Technicolour Beat(they were so amazing with this performance), and Lose it(which is the first song I heard by them).

I’m pretty sure I discovered what it was like to be happy. It was a bit weird being there, though. A lot of people were just sitting, or using their phones to take pictures. Meanwhile, I wanted to sing 😭. However, my voice is terrible so I kinda whispered kinda sang. It was also super awkward cause the people beside me were just to themselves. They didn’t even attempt to sing along. Lmfao but all in all it was amazing. It was pretty short, as I mentioned earlier they only have one album, but yeah it was awesome.

Would I have loved to go with someone? Definitely. I did ask a couple of people to come with me, but they were dilly-dallying, and I’m pretty sure if I waited for them I would never have seen oh wonder. So here’s to creating memories for myself and by myself.



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