Rock Bottom

1600 h

He got into the car and kept driving. Where to? He wasn’t sure he just had to keep moving, he couldn’t think, couldn’t eat. The only thing on his mind was drive..

As the rain started pouring he started thinking about everything that happened today, as if by some supernatural power he could go back and rewind the arms of time. Today was meant to be a good day he thought to himself, a great day.

0700 h

Fisayo heard his daughter’s voice, and felt her climbing the bed before he could “Daddy, daddy wake up”. He grunted and rolled over, and opened his eyes and saw his baby Juwon, peering down at him with her excited smile. His wife Tolu chuckled in the corner and said “That’s okay Juwon, let daddy get up.” “Okay mummy” Juwon shouted and she scurried off the bed. He got up and made his way over to his wife, kissed her and whispered good morning. “Morning my love, great things are happening today right?” Tolu said smiling.

That’s true, today was the day he was meant to get the promotion at work, for the past 6 months he had been producing at an eighty percent efficiency rate. He was sure he’d get it. “Yes it is baby, I hope you’ve gotten someone to take care of Juwon, cause you and I are going to be painting the town red.” He kissed her some more, but before he could get any further he heard a shrill little voice shouting “Daddy, daddy I want to eat cereal.” Sighing he took Juwon to have her breakfast. When she was done eating, he gave her a hug and gave Tolu a kiss as they drove off to daycare and work.

Fisayo was content, he had a perfect wife, a beautiful child, an amazing job and a great network of friends. There was nothing more he wanted in life.

0800 h

Fisayo got to work early as usual, one of the perks of living close to your work place, no one was there yet, so he started planning how he would react to the news of his promotion. He couldn’t be too shocked, and he couldn’t be too unexcited, it had to be perfect. When he got the ‘perfect’ face, he called his wife’s favorite restaurant and made reservations. He was going to ask her how she felt about expanding the family today, only right since they would be earning way more than before with this promotion.

0830 h

Mr. Ademola walked past saying “Well done Fisayo, I see you’re early as usual”, “Yes, sir! Good morning sir” He shouted back. The rest of his co-workers started trickling in and soon the office was full. He decided to get to work and act like today was just a normal day but on the inside he was on the edge of his seat.

1100 h

Fisayo was unsure if he could take the tension anymore. Mr. Ademola, Mrs. Ilesanmi and Mrs. Oladele, his bosses had been in the boardroom for at least an hour now, they hadn’t called anyone in and it was driving him crazy.  They seemed to be having a very animated discussion, if only there was a way for him to listen their conversation.

Almost as if they could hear his thoughts, they calmed down, and buzzed for him to come in. “Good morning ma, good morning sir, good morning ma” He said as he nodded at each of them. “Good Morning Fisayo” they all responded. “Why don’t you take a seat” said Mrs. Oladele. Fisayo sat down, he’d been planning for this all month, he was so sure about what was going to happen.

Mrs. Ilesanmi started talking, he quickly tuned her out and started imaging what life would be like after the promotion. “And because of that the company is relocating, which means we have to let you go” finished Mrs. Ilesanmi. Fisayo thought for a second they were joking with him, so he started laughing, till he realized everyone looked forlorn. “No. No. No. This can’t be happening. What the hell is this?” he said with a shaky voice.

“Also, because the company is moving, we’re going to need as much money as possible so we’re cutting your severance check down” quipped Mr. Ademola. “We’re very sorry that this is happening” said Mrs. Oladele without a note of sincerity in her voice. Fisayo panicked and blurted “I can move with the company. Please. Please, I need this job.” Mr. Ademola sighed “We’re so sorry Fisayo, we have to let you go, please leave the door open on your way out and tell Toba to come in next.”

Fisayo did not know what to do

1300 h

Fisayo, drove home thinking of how to tell his wife what had happened at work. All he had from work was in the back of his car. He’d spent a good amount of time crying in the parking lot of his workplace. He wanted to get drunk and forget everything, but the thought of going home to Tolu and Juwon was enough to keep him from going down that path. Tolu had gone home early because she had a headache and Juwon was home with her. At least he’d see the most amazing ladies he knew and he’d be happy for a while.

As he was crawling through the street, he heard the sounds of sirens and saw firetrucks and ambulances headed toward the street his house was on. He had no reason to be worried, but he wanted to make sure his babies were safe, he quickly followed the vehicles and as they neared his street, he saw black billowing smoke, thick and so heavy that he could smell some of it from his car. The firetrucks slowed down, he started thanking God, his house was not on fire, it was the people two houses away. He rushed into his house and started shouting “TOLU? JUWON? GIRLS? DADDY IS BACK” There was no response, he hoped they had gone to see a friend somewhere, because his house wasn’t on fire but the ashes and smoke had gotten into the house. He ran to close the windows so that no more could get in.

He started checking every room, they were nowhere to be found. Juwon’s room was the last room he checked, because Juwon hardly slept there, it was basically for decoration. He opened the door to see Juwon, she was asleep, so he woke her up, or at least he tried to. “Juwon? Juwon? Wake up, we need to get out of here” he nudged her. She didn’t respond, “JUWON!” he shouted, he knew she was a heavy sleeper but she couldn’t stand being touched. No response still. He rolled her over and saw that her lips had started to change color. He tried to use his elementary knowledge of CPR and chest compressions on her, nothing. He carried her and started running towards the paramedics and rescuers in the other house. “My child, please help me save my child” he wailed.

As he approached them with Juwon, he saw the paramedics shouting “V-fib, I can’t find a pulse” on someone who had a very similar structure as Tolu. He watched them use a machine that had metal plates on her, they were shocking her, just like in his movies. He desperately wanted this woman to live, or not be Tolu, the latter being his preferred option. A paramedic ran to him “Sir you can’t be here”, He suddenly remembered Juwon was in his arms, “My daughter, my daughter, save her.” The paramedic took Juwon and went into the ambulance, a fireman came over to him and put a blanket around him and walked him away from the scene.

1500 h

He was resting on a tree when the paramedic came towards him, “Sir?” He looked up, Fisayo could already feel what he was going to say, he didn’t want to hear it. “We tried everything we could sir, but we were unable to save your daughter.” The tears rolled down freely, “My wife? Have you seen my wife? She was meant to be home but she wasn’t around, she wouldn’t have left Juwon home alone.”

The paramedic shook his head “Maybe you’ll be able to identify among the bodies, would you like to try that?” He would not like to try that, but he would rather check the bodies and be sure that Tolu wasn’t gone than be sacred sick that she was dead. He knew Tolu wasn’t there, she’d probably gone to visit a friend and left Juwon with the nanny and nannies can’t always be trusted, they like to gossip. Tolu was a great mum, she’d never leave Juwon alone.

When they approached the bodies, Fisayo felt a lump grow in his chest, as though he was attempting to carry a bag of rice that slowly turned into a bag of cement. A lot of the body were charred beyond recognition. The stench of burning flesh and the way the bodies looked almost sent him vomiting. Was that her they asked? Reading off as much info as the had on the patient? No, different blood type, different weight, different height, different combination of the information.

They were getting to the end of the line, Fisayo was feeling somewhat confident that Tolu was alive. When they got to the second to the last body, as soon as they removed the white sheet, he knew. She hadn’t sustained any serious burns, so how was she dead? They read the information to him, every single box was checked. This was his Tolu, his wife, the person who made his day. How could he have lost his job and his wife and child in one day? “How did she die?” he managed to get out. The response? “Heart attack.”

All of a sudden, the stench of the bodies hit him, and Fisayo found himself throwing up and crying and saying, “That’s her, that’s my Tolu.” The paramedics started talking about the hospital and taking the bodies and many more things, Fisayo was too dazed to think. They told him to follow them in his car so he got into his car, but he didn’t follow them. he just drove, and just kept driving.

1600 h

He got into the car and kept driving. Where to? He wasn’t sure he just had to keep moving, he couldn’t think, couldn’t eat. The only thing on his mind was drive.

As the rain started pouring he started thinking about everything that happened today, as if by some supernatural power he could go back and rewind the arms of time. Today was meant to be a good day he thought to himself, a great day.

1630 h

Fisayo, was snapped out of his thoughts by the blaring horns of the truck, he opened his eyes, to move to the side. Too late, the truck rammed right into his car. He died on impact.


This is day one of the Writing Challenge I’m doing with Tomiwa. What do ya’ll think? If you enjoyed it don’t forget to share, comment, like. I love your feedback. Read Tomiwa’s story here!. Ciao




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