Meeting you was the best and worst thing that could happen to me,

You could destroy me with your words, your smile, your touch.

Everything about you was amazing,

You said the right words,

You did the right things,

And to a girl who had never had an encounter with love,

It was more beautiful than anything I could imagine,

Or at least I thought it was love

I wished it was love,

If it was love that we both felt then maybe ending things would have been better, easier, sweeter.

I felt a love so all-consuming that I couldn’t imagine being without you,

You? You were in lust.

You had found someone who would spread her legs when you needed a quick fix,

And you knew that you had power over me,

So you manipulated me, used me, controlled me,

Don’t do this, don’t wear that, don’t talk to him, don’t talk to her,

I wanted to make you happy, I wanted to please my man,

So I did, I melted and bent, fit into boxes for you,

Soon you had chipped away all the pieces of me that made me, well me

I was a shell of myself, and a container for you,

In less than a year, you had grown tired of me.

You left me, devastated, empty, a mess.

No friends, no family, no contact.

I’ll never forget you,

You were a whirlwind, you came into my life and made a mess out it

I let you get away with, cause I didn’t know better

Now I do, now I’ve learnt,

I’ve learnt not to allow whirlwinds disguised as soft breezes into my life.

I’ve learnt that I am also a whirlwind, not a weed that bends and tosses.

I’m glad that you came into my life and messed it up,

Cleaning up your mess was hard but worth it.

Never again will I be that naïve girl who lets a man come into her life and destroy it.

Hey everyone, this is my day 2 of the 7 days of writing. If you enjoyed reading this don’t forget to share.  If you have any feedback or comments, don’t hesitate to comment or contact me personally. Ciao


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