Hey y’all!! I’m smack in the middle exam period. Although this means less time at the gym this does not mean less time being healthy. I’m not an expert so I will link some of my suggestions to articles  backed by science. Okay then, let’s go:

  1. Drink water. The amount you should drink is affected by your weight, activity level, and the climate of where you live, but don’t forget to drink it. I use plant nanny as an app to track my water intake, alternatively buy a very large bottle so your bag is weighed down.
  2. Eat real food. This means less snacking, less fast food, less microwave dinners. Cut down on processed foods, it’s cheaper, nutrient packed. The best part, doesn’t feel like a chore, you’re allowed to make whatever you want, how you want it.
  3. Cut down on added sugar. Bye cane sugar, corn syrup, sucrose, dextrose etc. I know, I still have a hard time doing this. We should all try to this more and more. There are loads of articles out there on why cane sugar is bad for you. I’ll link some here and here .
  4. Eat some protein. I mean, its one of the main food groups. Turkey, chicken, eggs, dairy, fish, legumes, tofu, nuts, seeds you name it. There are SO MANY BENEFITS of upping your proteins. Reducing cravings, boosted metabolism and reduced hunger levels, just to name a few.
  5. Don’t cut out fat. Fat has gotten a lot of flakcriticism, and vilification in the health and fitness industry. Fat is actually quite important for your body. If you want to do something about fat, cut down on artificial trans fats.
  6. Read your labels. Remember it’s quality over quantity. It’s easy to get carried away with labels that claim “weight loss”, or “low fat” or “low-carb.” Most of these claims hide the bad ingredients they’ve managed to sneak in.
  7. Plan your meals. I don’t have any science backing this, but it is an exercise of discipline. Creating  and sticking to a plan ties up every thing mentioned above.
  8. Don’t jump on every new diet fad or trend you see, most of them are just lies by the food industry. You DO NOT need to be following a military diet, or the 1200 kcal a day or whatever. If you do what I mentioned above, you won’t become a diet hopper.

That’s it from me! I hoped you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. The journey to a healthy lifestyle is not easy, but it is achievable. If you have any other tips, don’t forget to comment. And if you want to see more posts like this, hit me up, tell me what you’d like to see and don’t forget to share. Catch you some other time!

P.S. this post was not sponsored, I’ve just used Authority Nutrition for a long time. They do back up all their claims with studies and science.


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