Hey, everyone. Exams are still on, and the weather is crazy. My hair isn’t in braids, and I’m not interested in wearing my wigs so I have to protect it as much as possible. The only problem, I’m lazy. I’m a lazy natural.

I haven’t always been lazy, though. When I had my first big chop, I read all the articles, bought all the oils, tried all the techniques, I did it all. Did my hair grow? Yeah, it did. I just don’t care anymore. I can’t be bothered. I’d love to dedicate all my money and time to my hair. I’m just too lazy.

Anyways enough with the story here are my confessions

  • I use about 5 products on my hair, 10 if we’re being technical
  • Water is my leave in conditioner, detangler and moisturiser
  • I bought my first natural friendly deep conditioner last month
  • I’m too lazy to comb my hair. For me braiding = combing
  • Since I’m always braiding my hair, it’s always under a wig or a headwrap
  • I’ve only done Bantu knots twice
  • I’ve never done twist outs, if I do twists, I’m probably putting them under a wig.
  • Since I hardly do protective styles, I don’t have styling gels.
  • My schedule has a wash day every week…umm yeah
  • I like sleeping with my bonnet on, but I forget a lot of times
  • I do not have any tools for my hair, no scrunchies, no hair bands, no brushes nothing.

Are you a lazy natural? Comment below if you are let’s bond!

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