Hey y’all so I’ve decided to post this at the beginning of every month so that I can tell everyone what I’m liking and possibly give you cool suggestions. So drumroll please


  • A Traitor Among Us (Scandal S6:E7): Scandal has been lacking this season, all the plot holes, the flashback hole they stuck us in…terrible stuff. However this episode is like their saving grace, hopefully they can do better in futureatraitoramongus
  • Documentaries: I’m naturally a conspiracy theorist, and I love politics and learning stuff. I am naturally drawn to documentaries for this reason, and documentaries gravitate towards me. I watch like one a day, on Netflix, on YouTube, everywhere bruh. My documentaries are mainly about health, capitalism, feminism, racism and animals.
  • Meal Prepping: I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of meal prep, and I’m going to write a blog post about this 🙂 Food-Prep-Princess
  • Shameless (U.S.): I’m just in episode 6 and I love this show. I think it’s charming in the weirdest way, the show is beautiful and Liam is the cutest baby ever. Watch it.fanart-161511-3
  • That 70s Show: This is my source of comedy, which is really needed because life is hard. It’s not for everyone and it’s coming to an end, but it’s not for everyone.
  • Writing: I guess this means I’m more interested in my blog and in submitting work to other publications. Hopefully I keep producing what you like to read.
  • Skincare: Before I just had soap for my skin, and now I have so many lovely things and my skin is GLOWING and bright and I love it. I may put up a skincare regimen eventually.


  • School: It’s coming to an end and there are all these freaking deadlines, I’m tired abeg
  • Consumerism: I feel like I want new clothes sometimes, but most times I’m just not with the idea of spending money just to buy things, it’s so weird.

Na, Nope, Nada, Zero

  • Twitter: I love twitter because I use it to socialize and get news updates but I’m really tired of the endless updates, and people talking about what they don’t know, and boring discussions 24/7
  • Sugar: These days I feel like refined sugars are taking over the world, and it’s not even cool. Looking for foods without excess added sugars and salts is stressful, but I’m here for it, my body and skin are thanking me.

So that’s what I’m feeling, what I don’t care about and what I’m not really here for. Don’t forget to comment below, tell me what you’re into and what you’re not into. Ciao


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