“You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.” – George Bernard Shaw

I love going for art exhibitions and shows, however due to a hectic school schedule and the merciless Ottawa winter I haven’t been to an art gallery or exhibition in months. I’m also not very connected to the art community in Ottawa, which makes it really hard to hear about events that are happening in Ottawa.

School is coming to an end, and the snow is finally melting and it’s getting really warm, so I have more free time on my hands. I recently stumbled across a website called Apt613 which has an event calendar that displays everything (they are aware of) taking place in Ottawa.

I had some requirements for any event I would be attending

  1. They must be free – I know this is terrible but as a student I can’t afford to pay to enter an event and still be expected to buy things
  2.  I could easily get to the location by bus – walking in the Ottawa cold for more than 10 minutes is the last thing I want to do.
  3. They didn’t happen at very early/very late time (preferably a time range that ended before 8pm)

And so I went through the event calendar, and saw this an art exhibition called “Face Time“, which featured artists from Canada, focusing on “human face and body.” The artists featured were Katherine McNenly, Kim Cristopher, Ken Ryan, Kristy Gordon and Tony Clark.

Face Time took place at Cube Gallery, which is a little gallery in Wellington Village (Hintonburg), Ottawa. The gallery is very beautiful and I fell in love with the look when I walked in. I didn’t take any pictures when I was inside (I forgot and I felt so silly after).

Cube Gallery on the Outside

The exhibition was pretty small, each artist had different things that I liked about them so I’ll just get into it, while showing you my favourite pictures. (Forgive the quality of my pictures btw)

Kim Cristopher:

When I started looking around, her art was the first thing I saw. I love Amy Winehouse, and so I was naturally drawn to Amy . It’s an oil on panel painting. I also liked Le Opera, which is also an oil painting but I forgot what she drew on. Oil seems to be Cristopher’s paint of choice. I like her paintings because of how soft they appear, the way she pays attention into not putting too much detail makes the paintings alive yet not so alive.

Tony Clark

Tony Clark is the only artist I couldn’t find a link for. I liked his work  because of how different it was.He focused on celebrities, using quotes around their picture frame or replicating their face numerous times, while modern celebrity in olden day times. I took pictures of Robin Williams and Jimi Hendrix. Sadly I was forgot to write the materials he used in his work.

Kristi Gordon

This was probably my favourite artist at the exhibit. I especially liked Boundaries and Collabo with Chief 69. When I looked through her portfolio at the gallery, it was obvious that portraiture is her strong suit. Whether she is making portraits of herself or of others they have a way of speaking directly to you. I really liked the ones she did of other people because of the extra props she added, whether it was gravity, or an abstract universe.

Katherine McNenly

Bad news: I’m not sure about the laws on nudity on wordpress so I only took one picture of her paintings. Good news: She is an AMAZING artist, her technique is realism and she knows how to bring paintings to live. I could have sworn that I was touching the curves of the people she drew. Realism is a technique that not a lot of artists can pull off, however McNenly did an amazing job.

Inspiration of the Figure

Ken Ryan

Ken Ryan’s work was probably my least favourite, but he is very talented. I like the way his work focused on “ordinary people.” I loved the Hat Lady – Pink the most, there was something about her face that was really captivating. I also like how real Ryan’s subjects look, almost like a photograph of something picture perfect. The composition of colours used really helped achieve that effect.



So that was my short review of Face Time: The Face and Figure. I think I’ll give the exhibition an 8.5/10 (if i was to rate it). I loved the artists there, and the exhibition showed art and soul. I would have loved if there was music playing to create a better ambience, but other than that i have no complaints.

Hopefully I go for more events, and give reviews for y’all. If you know any cool event happening in Ottawa, don’t forget to comment.

P.s. If you enjoyed reading this, don’t forget to share it with your friends, like it and tell me what you think. Your opinions are always welcome (as long as they aren’t derogatory).

Ciao Amici


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