After The Party by Andy Warhol


The thing about grief is that it never comes alone
When it visits you it is never a private dinner,
It is a party.
It brings along its friends and family.

Loss and death, the twins,
They come to decorate your home,
They put up banners and tassels,
buy you clothes,
and get you ready for the party

Then depression comes along,
Cause you’re on edge,
He holds your hand and smiles at you
it’s going to be a blast” he whispers to you
you can only nod.

Blame comes next,
she asks you what you could have done,
she tells you to hold yourself accountable
what could you have done?
you ask her to leave,
Grief mentions that it is her party too.

The thing about grief,
is that when he hosts these parties,
and brings all his friends
he never asks you what you think
he just plans
and you have to do the cleaning up


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