Hey y’all!!

So I recently entered my first competition ever, and I didn’t win. I wasn’t even a finalist, but it was still fun to submit something for a competition. The last time I posted something I wrote for a competition, I was too chicken to even submit it, so yay progress!! I really liked what I wrote, and I thought it would be nice to show y’all (the people who support me) what I wrote. Submitting for this competition has definitely pushed me to submit for more competitions, who knows maybe one day I’ll win one. Oh well before I end up rambling here the story is:

*  *  *  *  *  *

Photo by Oshomah Abubakar

In this country, a boss should always be bald and have a big belly. My uncle isn’t bald, he hasn’t got a big belly, and you don’t realise, the first time you see him, that he’s the actual boss of a big office in the centre of the town and that his office controls everything in town.

Uncle is not the mayor or the governor of town; he’s not a senator or a chief and he doesn’t have all the money for the town. But he is the godfather of the town. This is why people say, “after you na you” when they greet him. This is why when people enter Illisan-Remo in Ogun state they greet him first before anyone else.

If uncle doesn’t bless something, it is bound to fail, because he is friends with humans and the gods.

Uncle decided that I would take over his empire; he took me to his office three years ago and said, “Everything I have is yours, Tantoluwa, even if your parents don’t want me to give it to you.” I was 6 years when he took me to his office, and daddy was not happy when I told him what uncle said.

Daddy didn’t like uncle because he was not a Christian and he had more money than him. Daddy used all his money to start a church and he still didn’t have as much as uncle.

Even though daddy didn’t preach for money, he was angry that God decided to bless uncle and look over him. Because daddy took Christianity seriously, church three-times-a-week seriously.

I wonder why God wasn’t nice to daddy, even to the point of letting daddy fall asleep while driving and allowing his car to fall off the Third Mainland bridge. I wonder if God took daddy to heaven because he wanted him to stop suffering here.

Mummy said God works in mysterious ways, and that there is a reason for everything. She also said I shouldn’t question what happened. But I wanted to know why God took daddy. Was it because he was nice or because he didn’t like daddy?

Daddy always said that God is the biggest boss, so maybe God took daddy so that daddy can become a big boss in heaven like uncle is a big boss



One thought on “AFREADA x Africa Writes Competition

  1. Thank you for sharing your work with us Tiffany! We appreciate your participation and we look forward to reading more from you in the future 🙂 – AFREADA Team.


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