When I first approached Doyin with the idea of us having a collaborating on a blog post/series, I had no idea what it would be. But the moment she asked me what I wanted it to be about, I blurted out self-care.

Talking about self-care with Doyin is definitely something that has strengthened our friendship and taught me a lot. Although Twitter and Instagram were the first places I saw self-care being discussed openly, Doyin was the only Nigerian girl I knew at the time who devoted time to self-care.


Doyin is also a self-care enthusiast, you’ll often find her on Twitter, Medium, or Instagram telling people to take time for themselves, drink more water, disconnect and so on. Check out our short interview below.

Also make sure you check out Doyin’s website.

What does self-care look like to you?
For me, self-care means taking some time to make sure that your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing are well aligned.

What/who got you into self-care?
Here’s the funny thing I’ve had certain things that I did as self-care when I was younger in high school but I wasn’t familiar with the term then so I had no clue. However, officially, black women got me into it. Particularly Black Girl In Om.

What kind of activities do you do as self-care?
Yoga, reading romance novels, cooking, dancing, thrift shopping, getting bubble tea and binge-watching TV shows.

Do you consider whether some of these self-care acts are detrimental to your general well-being?
Yes, I do. Particularly my financial wellbeing. It’s so easy to fall into that pit where you are buying tons of stuff and swearing it’s self-care, much like Carrie and her shoe-rapy. We just need to stop and check in with ourselves often. Is this purchase necessary? Are there less expensive ways to achieve that internal peace?

How has self-care impacted your mental health?
Simply, self-care improves my mental well-being.

What would your advice be for people who are trying to find self-care practices?
I would say think first about those activities you do when you get stressed or are down- some of those could be your version of self-care. Also, the internet has tons of resources. Finally, Tiff and I are starting a brand called Black Girls, Big Cities, check back there in the future you never know what you might find :)))


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