Welcome to the first post in the series Doyin and I are having to discuss self-care. Navigating what self-care means to use isn’t something that we usually discuss so we felt it was imperative to have this series.


I don’t think I’ve ever really adhered to self-care in that picture-perfect way that I see on Instagram. I’ve always wanted it, the bubble baths and the spa getaways, the flawless skin, and eating pineapples on the beach by 2am, but I’ve never been able to fully get into that.

For a very long time, I used to think that coping mechanisms were self-care. I never set aside special times to take care of myself which led to me using unhealthy coping mechanisms to get away from stress. I don’t think I even knew what self-care meant for me, or what it would look like for me at that time.

April 2016- April 2017 were some of the most jarring periods of my life. My world constantly crumbled around me, and I consistently received bad news from all sides. I think that kicked off my interest in self-care, I needed time for myself because living was so jarring.

At first, I started with unhealthy coping mechanisms, which was mainly running my credit card bill up, avoiding counselling, using Netflix to escape the world, and procrastinating my assignments until the day before they were due.

Somehow despite the craziness that was my life and the unhealthy coping mechanisms, I started finding out the things that brought me peace and happiness. Like genuine peace and happiness, and I started defining what self-care looks like for me.

Self-care is such an important topic, which is why I teamed up with Doyin (who is a self-care aficionado) to talk about what self-care means to us, and other people that we interact with.

We decided to launch a series on self-care. Today is the kickoff date, which will be accompanied by a live Twitter chat at 3-4 pm (UTC-3, Chicago), 4-5pm (UTC -4, Ottawa/Toronto), 9-10 (GMT, Nigeria/London) and so make sure you checkout @TiffanyIsesele and @DeeNike.


And if looking through the website is too long for you because you’re lazy like me; I’ve linked all the posts here

  1. Here’s the first post on self-care
  2. Here I ask Doyin some questions about self-care in her life
  3. I talk to Lamide about her take on self-care
  4. Doyin and Grace talk about self-care
  5. Victor gives us some insight into what self-care looks like for him



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