Relatable self-depreciating comments that are oh so hilarious might be what draws you to her social media account but what keeps you is the ridiculous wit, the occasional well-deserved brag and the amazingly honest personality.

Being someone who has dealt with anxiety as well as some other mental health issues, Grace’s honesty about her off-days were welcome. This was a Nigerian in my age group being factual about not feeling a 100% living away from home and trying to get a degree.

She wasn’t trying to paint a picture perfect life or a sad life. It’s just life. Her life. Which can sometimes be extremely sad and at other times be extremely happy. And I got it. I related so well to it.

Like I could get back in from a long anxious day and see her tweet about wanting to die but settling for chocolate cake instead and I’d hit the “quote tweet” option on my keyboard so fast ready to co-sign because I understood and felt the same.

So when I and Tiff decided to do a Self-Care series, I wanted to interview Grace because she had inspired me to be honest and accepting of my emotions in ways that I didn’t even think she was aware of.

I felt that hearing from Grace about self-care could benefit someone else out there and so I was more than happy to reach out to her. It also helps greatly that she loves Drake and Rihanna as much as I do. (Roll your eyes if you want to but you ain’t gang)


What does self-care look like to you?
Self-care to me is basically anything I can do to take my mind off my crappy life when it all gets too much. I have a very “I can’t kill myself” outlook on life, which is mostly fuelled by laziness. And I’m an introvert so I always need time to recharge or I become horrible to be around. So I would say self-care is my way of trying to be a better person lol

What/who got you into self-care?
No one really got me into self-care. It’s just something that I’ve always known I needed to do. I get overwhelmed very easily by life and any kind of activities. So I’ve always just known that taking care of myself is something I have to do for myself so I don’t go crazy

What kind of activities do you do as self-care?
My self-care activities are usually anything that helps me relax. I tend to be very anxious and on edge most of the time, so being by myself, watching my favourite tv shows over again, eating chicken wings or pizza. Or getting too drunk on wine so I can fall asleep. Sometimes when I really feel like things are beyond me, I pray. I listen to some gospel songs and find comfort from my spirituality. Also talking to my mum is definitely a form of self-care for me. She makes everything better. Online shopping is also a self-care activity for me.


Do you consider whether some of these self-care acts are detrimental to your general well-being?
Spending my money on food or impulse online shopping is definitely detrimental to my well being lol. But I always comfort myself because I’ve bought something that I like.

How has self-care impacted your mental health?
Without self-care, I would probably be institutionalized, no joke. I really believe that it is important to take time and take care of yourself because life can be overwhelming and there’s no point in pushing yourself to your breaking point. Self-care has also really helped me know myself because I know when to stop, with anything. I know the things I can and cannot handle from experience

What would your advice be for people who are trying to find self-care practices?
My advice would definitely be to start with being by yourself because then you have time to think and figure out what you like and what can be good for you. Self-care looks different for everybody but I would definitely advise anyone that wants to learn to just be by yourself and figure out what works for you


Hope you enjoyed the fourth part of our self-care series, the previous interviews can be found here and here.



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