Hey everyone, Tiffany here, sorry  about that great lull in the last post and this post. We faced some difficulties along the way but we obviously pulled through victorious. I don’t have much to say but Doyin rounds up this series in the most amazing way. Read it below

Doing this self-care series with Tiffany has opened my eyes to how many people our age (African youth) have a lot to say about self care and mental health.

Our twitter conversation had about 20 participants from various cities joining in to share the practices they performed as self care; how to care for self without breaking the bank; what they viewed self care as.It even led to us getting an awesome interview from Niyi, a Nigerian student in Illinois.

Self care is a continuous habit and shouldn’t have an end date. We should consistently seek ways to make sure that we are grounded mentally physically and emotionally. It’s often the case that we neglect our mental health because we are still able to function mentally.

Most of us only do that mental health check when we get completely burnt out. The goal should be to develop healthy practices so we don’t burn out. It’s also important to note that while Tiff and I are avid fans of self care and promote developing great mental health, we aren’t professionals.

Should you need professional help, do not be afraid to check out the resources around you. Reach out to friends to see if there’s anyone they’d recommend.

Life has a funny way of waylaying our best-laid plans; life keeps us busy in ways that seem, at the time, more important than self-care and introspection. – Emily Littlejohn

It’s also important to know that what counts as self care for one person might be a stress inducer for you. Don’t get intimidated by the pictures you see of what is regularly termed as self care.

For one person self care could be isolation. For another, it could be a night on the town with tons of friends. Be self-exploratory. Check in on yourself. Check out when you feel the most grounded; when you feel most happy; when you feel most able.

Those moments could be at times when you’re doing something which counts as self-care to you. Lastly, keep the conversation going.

If this series helped you, we’d love to hear it, shoot us a dm, send us a comment. But also talk to someone in your circle about self care. Check on your friends. Ask if they are taking out time to make sure they aren’t nearing burn out. Go on dates. Love yourself and love each other!


Check out the rest of the series here, and if you’re looking for a particular interview, here’s the intro, Doyin’s interview, Lamide’s interview, Grace’s interview, Victor’s interview and Niyi’s interview

And make sure you check out Doyin’s blog because she is an awesome writer and editor.


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