I’m Tired of Being Ashamed of My Period

Whenever I face the five to seven days of bleeding that occur every month, or sometimes twice a month (short cycle problems), I’m always filled with a sense of dread. My period has always been marked by extreme conditions: terrible cramps, heavy flow, diarrhea, back pain, weak legs, etc. And for the longest time, I [...]

Does Impostor Syndrome Ever Go Away?

Impostor syndrome is a concept describing high-achieving individuals who are marked by their inability to internalize their accomplishments...

Just So You Know, The Boys, Animals, Beasts, Gentlemen and Real Men Are the Same

#notallmen, #realmendontrape, “You need to stop dealing with boys and start dealing with real men”, “only a beast would act like that”, “a gentleman would never do something so despicable to a woman”, “that’s actually an animal pretending to be a human being”. Stop. Just stop it. At least every other day, I read something [...]

What Is Self Hate

For as long as i can remember, my back, neck and stomach have been significantly darker than the rest of my body. When I was growing up, this was a big issue to the people that took care of me. They did everything they could to even out my skin, from creating extra time to [...]

Please Stop Talking to Us About the Makeup We Put on Our Faces

Today I was putting on some makeup in a semi-public place, fiddling with my brows and all because I wanted them to be sisters not cousins. So while I'm fiddling with my brows, some guy starts talking about why I shouldn't invest so much time in makeup. Then he started asking why I can't just [...]