I don't love my body, I don't love my body the way I should, This is about self-love. This is the story of my journey of my body, My body is wonderful, It shows me new things about it all the time It's resilient, it moves even when I think it can do no more … Continue reading Body


Cloud Spotting

Some days, I sit and I look at the clouds I watch them move I watch them dance around the sun like “expressionists” Without rhythm and without a plan, yet still so breathtakingly beautiful I watch them move like weeds in the wind, Left and then right I watch them move like squirrels, there for … Continue reading Cloud Spotting


The bus smells like hair cream Coconut oil hair cream Not the ‘pure’ coconut oil that you found abroad and that you’ve grown to love The coconut oil hair cream that you grew up with as a child The one that had all those nice yet funny names like Indian hemp, and blue magic, coconut … Continue reading HairCream


A free verse A touch, A whisper, A glance, You draw me in You pull me to you An attraction so strong That resistance just feels like I’m falling. Or…failing, I’m not sure. I’m never sure these days. I’ve become a mess Trying to control my thoughts and actions. I don’t want to feel this way … Continue reading Love


  The thing about grief is that it never comes alone When it visits you it is never a private dinner, It is a party. It brings along its friends and family. Loss and death, the twins, They come to decorate your home, They put up banners and tassels, buy you clothes, and get you … Continue reading Grief