AFREADA x Africa Writes Competition

Hey y'all!! So I recently entered my first competition ever, and I didn't win. I wasn't even a finalist, but it was still fun to submit something for a competition. The last time I posted something I wrote for a competition, I was too chicken to even submit it, so yay progress!! I really liked … Continue reading AFREADA x Africa Writes Competition


Your Mother’s Daughter

Mirabel Ojomo Mirabel looked in the mirror and said to herself, “Today is a normal day, it’s like any other day.” She wasn’t convinced, but she knew that she had to act normal. Act normal. Act normal. If she wanted to have a good school day and keep her friends, she had to act normal. … Continue reading Your Mother’s Daughter

Ebuka My Love 

Kemi dodged the blow and hid in a corner. She knew she couldn’t keep playing this game with him. He was stronger than her, and she lived among his people. She knew that if she complained too much he would call his brothers to hold her while he beat her. And the women around would … Continue reading Ebuka My Love 


“DOLLAZ, DOLLAZ, SAY IT WITH ME!! DOLLAZ.” The main church was hot and stuffy, she missed the children’s church. Here everyone had a serious face, and when they raised their arms the stench was overwhelming.  As the pastor continued shouting for “DOLLAZ,” people seemed to get more interested. Soon people were walking to the altar, … Continue reading DOLLAZ! DOLLAZ!!

The Overwhelming Fear of Amounting to Nothing

fear noun | /fɪər/ a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc.,whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid. verb | /fɪər/ to feel apprehensive or uneasy (usually followed by for) or to have fear; be afraid Every now and then I go through these days, these terrible days, days … Continue reading The Overwhelming Fear of Amounting to Nothing