My Turning Page

Today I tasted happiness, felt it, smelled it, looked into the eyes of joy, heard bliss speak to me. I never thought that I would be able to say that. I’ve fought my whole life, struggled through school, fought with my parents, lost friends and hustled to get a job. I tasted happiness today, it … Continue reading My Turning Page


I Cannot Write About This Thing

I was going to write about love, but I changed my mind. or rather I cannot write about love. I cannot write about love because I do not know about love. As a writer I am allowed to use my imagination, I can visit places I’ve never been to, see sights, taste foods from different … Continue reading I Cannot Write About This Thing

Re Pilot

Hey, my name is Tiffany, I'm a student, somewhere and I enjoy writing a lot of things. I originally made this blog to rant and get things off my mind because 140 characters on Twitter wasn't enough for me. I still will rant, still get things off my mind, but this is now more about … Continue reading Re Pilot