What Is Self Hate

For as long as i can remember, my back, neck and stomach have been significantly darker than the rest of my body. When I was growing up, this was a big issue to the people that took care of me. They did everything they could to even out my skin, from creating extra time to … Continue reading What Is Self Hate


Please Stop Talking to Us About the Makeup We Put on Our Faces

Today I was putting on some makeup in a semi-public place, fiddling with my brows and all because I wanted them to be sisters not cousins. So while I'm fiddling with my brows, some guy starts talking about why I shouldn't invest so much time in makeup. Then he started asking why I can't just … Continue reading Please Stop Talking to Us About the Makeup We Put on Our Faces

Just Leave Me Alone

This is a thought that goes through my head at least once every week. Because at least once a week I receive unwanted advances from men. And it's tiring and draining. I want to say, "just leave me alone" to every single guy that approaches me, or cat calls me, but I can't because I'm … Continue reading Just Leave Me Alone

AFREADA x Africa Writes Competition

Hey y'all!! So I recently entered my first competition ever, and I didn't win. I wasn't even a finalist, but it was still fun to submit something for a competition. The last time I posted something I wrote for a competition, I was too chicken to even submit it, so yay progress!! I really liked … Continue reading AFREADA x Africa Writes Competition

Cloud Spotting

Some days, I sit and I look at the clouds I watch them move I watch them dance around the sun like “expressionists” Without rhythm and without a plan, yet still so breathtakingly beautiful I watch them move like weeds in the wind, Left and then right I watch them move like squirrels, there for … Continue reading Cloud Spotting