Just Leave Me Alone

This is a thought that goes through my head at least once every week. Because at least once a week I receive unwanted advances from men. And it's tiring and draining. I want to say, "just leave me alone" to every single guy that approaches me, or cat calls me, but I can't because I'm [...]

AFREADA x Africa Writes Competition

Hey y'all!! So I recently entered my first competition ever, and I didn't win. I wasn't even a finalist, but it was still fun to submit something for a competition. The last time I posted something I wrote for a competition, I was too chicken to even submit it, so yay progress!! I really liked [...]

Cloud Spotting

Some days, I sit and I look at the clouds I watch them move I watch them dance around the sun like “expressionists” Without rhythm and without a plan, yet still so breathtakingly beautiful I watch them move like weeds in the wind, Left and then right I watch them move like squirrels, there for [...]


The bus smells like hair cream Coconut oil hair cream Not the ‘pure’ coconut oil that you found abroad and that you’ve grown to love The coconut oil hair cream that you grew up with as a child The one that had all those nice yet funny names like Indian hemp, and blue magic, coconut [...]

Talking About My Blog

Hey, I'm sure you've all noticed that my blog posts have increased by a large number today (I'm not sure how many posts I added). And you may be wondering, did she just schedule a bunch of posts to appear today? The answer is no. So, my friend Doyin and I were having conversations about what [...]