Yas, Meh, Na (March)

Hey y'all so I've decided to post this at the beginning of every month so that I can tell everyone what I'm liking and possibly give you cool suggestions. So drumroll please YAAAAAAAS A Traitor Among Us (Scandal S6:E7): Scandal has been lacking this season, all the plot holes, the flashback hole they stuck us … Continue reading Yas, Meh, Na (March)


Yas, Meh, Na

Hey, so this is something new I'm trying. Telling you my Yas things - the things I absolutely love right now. My Meh things - that's what I'm into just because, and the Na - what I'm not about at all YAS   Sit Down by Kent Jones: I love this song so much because … Continue reading Yas, Meh, Na