Does Impostor Syndrome Ever Go Away?

Impostor syndrome is a concept describing high-achieving individuals who are marked by their inability to internalize their accomplishments...


AFREADA x Africa Writes Competition

Hey y'all!! So I recently entered my first competition ever, and I didn't win. I wasn't even a finalist, but it was still fun to submit something for a competition. The last time I posted something I wrote for a competition, I was too chicken to even submit it, so yay progress!! I really liked … Continue reading AFREADA x Africa Writes Competition

Talking About My Blog

Hey, I'm sure you've all noticed that my blog posts have increased by a large number today (I'm not sure how many posts I added). And you may be wondering, did she just schedule a bunch of posts to appear today? The answer is no. So, my friend Doyin and I were having conversations about what … Continue reading Talking About My Blog

My Turning Page

Today I tasted happiness, felt it, smelled it, looked into the eyes of joy, heard bliss speak to me. I never thought that I would be able to say that. I’ve fought my whole life, struggled through school, fought with my parents, lost friends and hustled to get a job. I tasted happiness today, it … Continue reading My Turning Page


A free verse A touch, A whisper, A glance, You draw me in You pull me to you An attraction so strong That resistance just feels like I’m falling. Or…failing, I’m not sure. I’m never sure these days. I’ve become a mess Trying to control my thoughts and actions. I don’t want to feel this way … Continue reading Love